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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneaky Friends and Accomplice Husband

A couple of weeks before my birthday, Phil wrote "Phil Time 2:45-7:30" on Saturday, March 20th on my calendar. He said he would take care of arrangements for the kiddos and let me know what I needed to wear. As it got closer and closer to 2:45, I got more and more anxious for several reasons. Phil was at work until 2:30. He was not shaved AND he put on a wrinkled shirt! He let Allie go to a friend's house (I figured she would be the babysitter) and he seemed totally not-ready to go on a date. Add that to the fact that he said to dress comfortably....and shave my legs!

As I finished ironing his shirt, I walked around the corner and saw Brenda's vehicle. Lizz was with her. Phil just grinned and walked with me out to the kitchen. I was TRULY stunned and relatively confused since I had "partied" with them the night before.

Then....they had a blindfold put on me and Phil said, "Have fun. I'm going to go put my comfy clothes back on."

"HUH?!" I thought.

In Brenda's car, I really did try to figure out which direction they were going, but they planned on that and thoroughly confused me. We ended up waiting for a few minutes outside of the undisclosed location (at least to me) because (also unbeknownest to me) one of my friends was late -- not mentioning any names though...TD! Ha Ha

I'm smiling on the outside, but I am REALLY nervous on the inside. I was led to this chair and it was silent until.....

Lizz took the blindfold off my eyes.

Shock -- utter shock -- at seeing all the ladies and the surprise Brenda and Lizz had put together!!

I'm just staring at them trying to take everything in. I figured out I was at a local day spa (managed by a friend of mine) and these sneaky friends had planned an afternoon of pampering for me.

A couple of gals they invited couldn't come and a couple met up with us later. Here are those that THOROUGHLY surprised me as the blindfold came off! Brenda, Teresa, Christie, Christy, Lizz, Danette and Larissa.

Opening my gift of 40 bags of 40 things. They ranged from note cards to bullets to Advil to chocolate!!

As I was getting my massage (my 1st of three services) Lizz was getting a manicure.

...and Christie also.

We were a tad bit short on food.....

Lynda joined us after a wedding and treated herself to a refreshing pedicure.

As I was getting my facial, these gals ROARED with laughter.

I finished off the day at the spa with a pedicure. Of course, I used my hot-flash-fan to cool me off.

After the spa, we had some sweet drinks and met up with one more special friend -- Jackie. It has been a VERY long time since I laughed as hard as I did that day!

Who has the best friends??? Me, of course. They are AWESOME. Thanks also to my fantastic honey for working out all the details and keeping the surprise, not to mention turning me loose until after 9:00 p.m. AND watching the kids!
UPDATE: My 40th from Brenda's perspective.


Szymczaks said...

And the reason you have the best friends is because you are the best friend!! We love ya sister!

The Schulers said...

Sounds like you had a great time and some great friends!

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday! I'm so glad you were 'royally' surprised by all your friends - and what a husband!!!!