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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hubert-Peoples-Pier Family Vacation Adventure ~ Part 7

Sarah and Lindsay posing for a picture in front of the beautiful contrast of evergreens and ever-snow capped mountains.

A special treat of the trip was a visit from Grandpa Russ and Grandma Sally (my mom's father from Idaho). They spend some time hanging with us at our campsite at Coulter Bay Campground. Sarah enjoyed talking with Great-Grandpa Russ about life as a ten (almost eleven) year old.
Allie and Lindsay had fun watching Sally play games on her iTouch. How hip!

Savannah was just as cute as ever in hide-and-seek game behind the poles.

Grandpa and Grandma with the great-grand kids: The Hubert children - Savannah (2), Allie (12), Sarah (10), Timothy (4), Lindsay (9). The Pier children - Jason (2), Madison (4), Carson (3)

And with Shauna, Susan and I. Sorry, no ages this time :).

Red-footed pajamas in the woods -- nothing like it.

I am not sure if this is a dance or a karate move. Either way it's cute.

Speaking of cute, or rather, precious!

The last morning in this campground we let the littler ones go for horse back rides. Timothy is not scared at all.

Savannah was a bit more timid, but kept a big smile on her face throughout the ride.

Notice the grip she has on the saddle.

Lindsay enjoyed her ride as well.

A family photo opportunity as we left Grand Teton National Park.

The kids with Grammy and Grandpa.

...and Savannah wanted to get one more picture with the next group of tourists! These girls were eating her up, oohing and aahing over how cute she was.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hubert-Peoples-Pier Family Vacation Adventure ~ Part 6

Our second day in Grand Teton National Park, we ventured north to Yellowstone National Park with a destination of Old Faithful.

Waiting for Old Faithful to blow. Sometimes even Allie cannot make ole Grandpa smile.
But check out the smile Susan is able to get out of him. It must be the electricity generated when they hold hands!!!

The ranger helps take the focus off the wait (and the heat) by telling us all about the history of Old Faithful.

More fun with dirt and tree branches for the boys as we take a break for a picnic lunch.

We were on the lookout for a bear but instead found a napping buffalo.

We circled around the inside loop of the park. Some of the views were breathtaking.

A small hike up the some more water falls.

Grammy posing with Savannah, Tim, Sarah and Lindsay.

Phil and I.

The Hubert-Peoples-Pier Family Vacation Adventure ~ Part 5

I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Madison. Notice the progression of the photos.

1. Nope, I am not smiling!

2. Small smile, eyes closed.

3. Smirky, eyes-rolled smile.

4. Mouth open, I'm not ready yet smile.


The Hubert-Peoples-Pier Family Vacation Adventure ~ Part 4

These pictures down by the lake got slightly out of order from the last post.

Almost all of them in a row..........

Timothy had an especially fun time playing with his BOY cousins.
Trees, sticks and dirt -- it doesn't get much better than this!

Savannah got really brave with this friendly horse.

I LOVED how the sun filtered through her hair in this one.

A camping necessity.

Phil was anxious to get in on the action.
Savannah was anxious to eat the results of Daddy's great toasting abilities.

Have I mentioned yet how handsome this little guy is?

This is the inside of our cabin. Notice who is crashed on the cot from a very busy day of hiking.

The Hubert-Peoples-Pier Family Vacation Adventure ~ Part 3

On Sunday, we arrived at Grand Teton National Park.

So much for cold weather -- it was gorgeous, even hot enough for shorts.

Shauna had reserved tent cabins for us at Coulter Village. Two cabins were connected to each other. Two walls were log and two walls were heavy canvas. They were equipped with stoves but we never had to use ours.

A stroller ride down to the horse corral.

Matt and Shauna enjoying the fact (or at least hoping) that Grammy is watching their 3 kiddos.

The kids had a great time playing in the wagon.

My animal lovers - Allie and Sarah.

The morning was a tad bit CHILLY!! But within an hour everyone was stripping off their blankets and sweatshirts in exchange for shorts and t-shirts.

Carson didn't even take his jammies off to go to the corrals the next morning.