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Friday, February 18, 2011

More pictures from Grammy's visit

Grammy likes to take photos. The kids try to amuse her. But eventually the fake smiles come out....

The perfect little picture poser.

Savannah and Grammy enjoy a game of Trouble together.

A quick pose for Grammy.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Grammy took the little ones to the mall several times while I was doing school with the big ones. They were excited to bring balloons home this time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An 80 degree temperature change!

In Wyoming, one day the temperature can be this.....

...and then the next day it can be this!!

I think this is the first time Timothy has celebrated his February 16th birthday with a picnic and sand castle making.

That's how old I am!

I have taught my son well! Vitamin D - it's so good for the soul :).

Yes, even a FEBRUARY.

Savannah had a great time playing with bubbles. It is always amazing how fast she can empty a bottle.

Timothy's birthday fell on AWANA night.

He was the clubber of the night and got to talk about his favorite things.
Savannah was delighted to be able to stay in his class for the entire night.

She had no reservations about doing everything Timothy did, including the games.

Timothy takes the game time very seriously.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Timothy Turns 5

We celebrated Tim's birthday the Saturday prior to his actual birthday. He wanted things fairly simple. A batman cake and a specific list of friends.

Savannah and Uncle Jim. I am not sure how she ended up on his lap, because Tim is generally possessive of Jim.

The kids' parties are always a good excuse for us to visit with our friends.

David read Tim his card all by himself.

Avry and Savannah sat like little princesses as Tim opened a bunch of boy toys.

Grammy made it into town just in time to celebrate her first grandson's 5th birthday!

Timothy was super excited about his entire Bears outfit, especially the helmet.

This was taken immediately before the ridiculous tears by the birthday boy. Why? Because notice David's lips. He was helping Tim blow out his candles and according to Tim, that is absolutely, under no circumstances, acceptable, at any time, for any birthday.
I am sure that my son with remember to warn David of this when (if) he invites him next year.
That's real life, folks, and sometimes it's just not pretty.
Update: Tim walked by the computer right after I initially posted this, saw the photo of David blowing out his candles and said, "I should have told David you aren't supposed to blow out other people's candles."

Timothy writing his own "Thank You" notes. I think he had them written and delivered faster than any of the girls have so far!!
Happy Birthday, sweet boy. You have filled our house and lives with joy and laughter in more ways than you could ever know.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Perfect Score Day Times Two

We traveled as a family to Lingle, WY to watch Sarah and Lindsay do AWANA Quizzing. The quizzing event has two parts: an oral quiz and a written part. There are 12 questions in each section and it covers the content in their corresponding book.

As soon as the oral part is over, the judges announce if there are any perfect scores. We were so excited to see Lindsay accept her purple ribbon for a perfect score.

Her book 1 Cornerstone team also took first place overall.

Sarah also received a perfect score ribbon in the oral part....

...and in the written. Way to go, Sarah. (We found out later that Lindsay missed only 1 on her written exam!)

Tim and Logan stayed busy with Legos while their siblings were quizzing.

The whole Cornerstone team. Every single team took first place!

Our take home ribbons. We made a big deal to the kids about this because these ribbons represent way more than sports trophies, spelling bee victories or honor roll recognition. These represent the Word of God that has been read, studied and hidden in their heart. A treasure indeed. Good job, Lindsay and Sarah.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Gracious Big Brother

Savannah likes to be the "Mom". Timothy submitted to her request. However, I think climbing into the doll crib was taking this pretend game a bit too far. Savannah thought it was just fine.