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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Timothy and Chris Tomlin

One of Timothy's favorite songs is Let God Arise by Chris Tomlin. He is usually much more enthusiastic than this, but you get the idea. All Phil has to do is start the intro music and Timothy starts singing, Arise, Arise. Timothy and Dad both agree -- the louder, the better!!

Sarah wins the gold!

Sarah was recently awarded a medal for running the most laps for the girls in her class (53) at her school fundraiser. The school raised an amazing amount of money towards playground equipment at their new school. The excitement in the gym was electrifying! Confetti, spray string and screams of 400 students filled every square inch of the gymnasium. I thought Timothy would get excited with all the commotion, but instead he burst into tears, scared to death!!

Easter with Grammy

Grammy flew out to chilly Wyoming after leaving toasty Florida to celebrate Jodi's birthday and Easter with us. Grammy, Allie, Sarah, Lindsay and I also had a great time at the Broadway play Little Women. The first picture is Easter morning at church. We always try to get that "perfect picture", but it seems as soon as we can get Timothy and Savannah to look toward the camera, one of the older girls is messing around! Out of 20 or so tries, this is the best we could get. The second one is before our 'Girls' Night Out'.

Savannah's 4 month portraits

I know I am prejudice, but this little girlie is just so precious in pink. I especially love the bare feet peeking out from just below the dress.

Our initial appointment at Sears was at noon, but the timing didn't quite work out, so we brought her home and let her sleep for a couple hours. It is evident from these gorgeous photos that a little nap was all she needed. Savannah is changing every day. We had a small set back at a recent Dr. Appt. She had only gained 2 ounces from her 2 month check (10lbs 13 oz) to her 4 month check (10lbs 15 oz). The doctor didn't seem terribly alarmed as Savannah has very petite features, but we have started some cereal to try and bulk her up a little. I think it is working because she is stretching out her feedings and seems a bit more contented. Phil had a dream that she was going to stay this size forever. I am not sure what to think about that ~ in some ways it would be awesome to always have an infant, but then again......

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wallpaper Mishap

This is what happens when Timothy spends some time in his room during small group. We didn't notice the mess until the next morning. Thankfully, Jodi had some leftover wallpaper saved in the closet. In Grandpa Dave's words, "That's what you get when you put wallpaper in a boy's room!!"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Timothy's Birthday Video

Check out the dump truck birthday cake. We had a great time celebrating this little guy's 2nd birthday. Listen to Jessi Szymczak (one of Lindsay's friends) chime in some special notes on the birthday song.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hubert Family joins the blogosphere

It's official. The Hubert Family 7 - Phil, Jodi, Allie, Sarah, Lindsay, Timothy and Savannah - have entered the world of blogging. Watch for more posts coming soon!