Bible Verse of the Day:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Our first lesson in my Tuesday Bible Study was on God's inspired, written Word, the Bible. We discussed revelation, canonization, and inspiration. It truly is amazing that God has left us with such a gift as the Holy Scripture. It is the sword of the Spirit!! (Eph. 6)

Another thing we discussed was the preeminence of CHRIST throughout the entire body, not only the New Testament. Here is a video that we watched that gives a short description of who Christ is in each book of the Bible. Watch it. It is powerful.

Then go read your Bible and thank God for it today!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rest of the Denver Trip.....

Okay, I knew I would be busy with homeschooling and 2 toddlers and Bible Study and AWANA and kids' activities - you get the picture. But I can't believe how much time has passed since I posted Part 1 of our Denver trip.

Without further delay, the rest of the pictures chronicling our fun adventure.

We hung around until check-out time so the kids could enjoy the hotel pool. Anyone notice that there is always an abundance of chlorine in these pools?

Lindsay demonstrates the float.

Even Phil jumped in.

Next stop -- Denver Museum of Natural History. We also enjoyed an IMAX production featuring the animals of the ocean depths and a planetarium show about the solar system.

One of the museum exhibit areas was all about health and fitness.

I am racing Allie who is on the bike to my left.

Lindsay was not sure what to think of the sheep's lung. Seriously, it had been dissected just minutes before.

Timothy liked transferring the space rocks from one area to another.

The wolf exhibit.

This was a simulated bridge over water. Timothy had to bend down and touch it to make sure he wouldn't fall in as he walked across.

Raised eyebrows, a half grin AND a smirk -- Oh, the drama of little girls.
We finished off the afternoon with a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory.

Timothy licked his plate clean. Literally.

Friday, September 4, 2009

DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!

Several months ago, I bought pre-season football tickets for Phil for Father's Day. The game? Denver Broncos verses the Chicago Bears. The Bears have been Phil's favorite team for quite some time, and thankfully Timothy shares his enthusiasm! It was a long wait from May until August 30, but it was worth it!

Timothy has his very own Urlacher jersey. He enjoys a friendly rivalry with some unnamed fans of the competition--hmmm, as in Packers, Vikings and of course the Broncos.

After attending the early service at church, we loaded the Yukon XL (less Savannah who had SO much fun hanging with the Sandberg family) and took off towards Denver for the Sunday night game.

Timothy could barely contain his excitement.

The stadium is in sight.

We met up with the Baldacci family (aka Bronco fans) and spent some time tailgating.

It started to sprinkle for a very brief time, so we huddled in the Baldacci vehicle.

Like father, like son.

Timothy and Collin practiced some passes in the parking lot.

......and we're off!

The parking area was about a mile away and you can see Elitch's and Cirque de Soleil in the background.

Family shot in front of Invesco Field.

Bears huddling up after warm-ups.

Family shot inside the stadium. The excitement was building!!

Our seats were REALLY high up, but the view was amazing. Phil looked like he was going to throw up for the first 10 minutes, but eventually acclimated to the height. Poor Timothy still has finger marks on his arm because Phil was sure he was going to fall all the way to the field.......

Here he is just lightly grasping onto Tim's hood.

Another view from our seats.

Here is a video of part of the National Anthem.

Once Timothy realized he wouldn't actually get to talk to Brian Urlacher, he decided to eat peanuts instead.

Right before the game, a team of skydivers dropped onto the field.

To say that there were feelings of animosity toward Jay Cutler #6 (formerly the Broncos quarterback, now the Bears quarterback) would be an extreme understatement. However, it was quite enjoyable to hear the booing and hissing cease when he connected with his receivers.

Some more sights and sounds from the game.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DA BEARS....continued

The prayers of the Bronco fan behind Tim and I went unanswered.

Our friends, the Baldacci's and the Dick's were a few sections over. Can you spot them?

Even though it signified a Bronco score, the fireworks were really cool.

Sarah and Timothy prove that sitting on the edge of the seats does not cause one to fall off the edge.

The final score, oh the score! Bears 27, Broncos 17!!!!

We thought this was pretty neat to see -- both teams praying after the game.