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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bikes for everyone!

All the kids enjoyed getting out on their bikes when Grammy and Grandpa (and Sarge) came in October.



And Timothy got a VERY cool big boy bike from the Sandbergs. This thing is DELUXE!! Thanks guys for letting us use this :).
Savannah was more than pleased to get Timothy's old tricycle

Timothy has learned how to go fast and then apply the brakes. Watch him ride his new bike.

Dentistry Disappointments

We recently switched to a different dentist (a husband of a friend of mine) and got all the kids in for their scheduled cleanings and check-ups. Everything went well until we came to Timothy.....

I snapped these pictures with my cell phone hence the grainy texture.

Lindsay is getting her fluoride treatment.

Sarah is absolutely thrilled with the fact that I am snapping her picture - after all she is much too mature for such silliness!

And then it was Tim's turn. I was shocked when Dr. Vigneri told us he saw 3 cavities in his back teeth! He recommended a follow-up with a pediatric dentist (another friend that participates in a AWANA with us) because of his age.

After meeting with Dr. Prugh, it was discovered he didn't have 3 cavities, but 6!! UGH. How did this happen? We really haven't done anything different with him than with the 3 older girls (who have had NO dental problems).

All the questions: Do you brush for him? YES. Does he eat a lot of sweets or drink soda? NO. Did you demand nurse or bottle him to sleep? NO.

The only thing we can figure is 1. He is a different kid with a different mouth, and 2. Casper does not have the good fluoride water that Laramie did.

A trip to the surgical center so that he can be completely knocked out and all 6 teeth can be fixed at one time with no struggles. Dr. Prugh, Phil and I all agree this is the best solution.

So say a few prayers for us on November 24 as we sit with Timothy as he goes under general anaesthesia. Thanks!

Current Portraits

I snap a lot of personal photos, but just thinking of going to a studio to get professional photographs brings on a mini-anxiety attack. Okay - not quite. The cost can add up very quickly with 5 kids, so I decided to do it more frugally this time (Cheryl would be so proud...) and take them one at a time for the "cheap" package.

It took a little bit longer and I utilized both Sears and Walmart, but I think the finished product turned out well. At least I have current 10x13 portraits on my wall!!!

Here are close-ups of our 5 precious children!!
Allie Rebekah ~ 12 years old

Sarah Elizabeth ~ 10 years old

Lindsay Gabrielle ~ 8 years old

Timothy Phillip ~ 3 1/2 years old

Savannah Grace - 21 months

Friday, October 30, 2009

From swimming to dancing

Sarah opted out of dancing and chose to dance instead. She was invited by her instructor/studio owner to join the dance team.

For being such a tomboy, she makes a beautiful and graceful ballerina.

I know I have mentioned this previously, but Beautiful Feet Dance Studio is the best as far as we are concerned because they love and honor Jesus. It is such a joy to watch them glorify Him through praise and dance when so many other studios are worldly and provocative in their music, costumes and dancing. If you live in Casper and are interested in dancing -- check them out!

It's been awhile..........

I have lots and lots of blogging to catch up on. I could fret about how behind I am and how little time I have had to sit in front of the computer, or I can look at the positive side of my blogging absence.

My sporadic posts have been due to the fact that we are too busy making fun memories, I simply don't have time to chronicle them here.

But....before I totally forget them, I do want to get them posted without too much delay.

First up -- SWIMMING. Allie and Lindsay have joined the local swim team and are absolutely loving it! Plus they are getting in shape and coming home really tired.

Allie sporting her swim cap, goggles and official swimsuit -- I'd say she is serious about this!

Allie practicing backstroke.

Lindsay is getting her flippers on.

...and off she goes with her kick board.

The first official swim meet will be in Casper on November 6. Allie is signed up for 5 events and Lindsay for 3. Two weeks later we will travel to Laramie for another meet and spend some time with Wayne and Sandy also.

For those of you that didn't know this interesting piece of trivia -- I swam competitively through my junior year of high school.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner

Shortly after coloring a homework project in the family room, Kristy (Sarah's friend) couldn't find several of her colored pencils. We looked everywhere and finally gave up and told her we'd give them to her when we found them. We figured Timothy had something to do with it but it wouldn't be until a week later that the mystery was solved.

Yep - as the title of the post suggests, the answer was found in my vacuum cleaner. As I was vacuuming the living room, I noticed that it didn't seem to be sucking up the things on the floor very well. As I looked at the hose connection, I caught a glimpse of several bright colors. Almost immediately my mind went to the mystery of the colored pencils.

I am happy to report that after 15 minutes of hitting and shaking the hose attachment, 9 -- that's NINE, colored pencils were lying on my floor. They were a little dusty and needed sharpened, but were perfectly usable. When I questioned Timothy, he smiled calmly and reported that he used the vacuum hose to suck up Kristy' pencils.......

Just another joy of motherhood!

Through the days with the wee ones

Lately I have been asked by lots of people about how homeschooling is going. My easy, general answer is, "It's going really well. Homeschooling Allie is the easy part -- figuring out what to do with the toddlers is another story."

Funny how those that ask me who are also home school moms WITH have toddlers just nod and smile. No further words are necessary! I know they understand, and I know that if there was an easy answer they would share it with me......

On most days, Timothy and Savannah like to color, create with playdoh, enjoy their toys and watch Sesame Street. On the flip side, they also like to irritate one another, fight over really silly things, and ask me 1000 questions per hour.

Allie has been a good sport about being flexible. She has also been a lifesaver on those days I am so far behind with basic housework. It is amazing how much I can get done in 15 minutes while she takes Tim and Savannah on a walk.

I haven't been great at taking pictures lately, but here are some over the past few weeks.

Sesame Street time. How sweet is it to see Tim and Savannah enjoying their juice and curled up in a blanket.

Popcorn is always a favorite snack

Savannah is getting ready for the Chicago Bears game. Her lunch is Phil's concoction - eggs, grapes and green beans.

We don't usually get the Bears game on regional coverage so we follow it on Hooray - the Bears shocked the Steelers a couple weeks ago and Savannah's smile speaks for the rest of the family.

Savannah likes hangin' with Elmo. I am not sure what their conversation was about, but Elmo and Savannah seem to understand each other perfectly.