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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toddler Logic

A recent conversation that made me laugh in the midst of discipling my son:

A crying Savannah finds me in the kitchen and in her limited vocabulary tells me, "Timmy hit me head."

"Timothy hit you on the head?" I ask to get clarification. "Yes, Timmy mean," she replies.

I then proceed back to the bedroom where Timothy is lying on my bed looking extremely guilty.

I ask him, "Timothy, did you hit your sister on the head?" He replies honesty, "Yes." So then I ask him to come into his room as I am telling him that he is not supposed to hit.

But I couldn't hold back the giggles when my very healthy boy said the reason he bonked her on the head when she tried to climb up in my bed with him is because he didn't want her to get his sick germs. WHAT?!

Now I guess I need to figure out how to encourage his sweet compassion for his sister's health by revealing better ways to show that compassion.........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Counting Games

Keeping Timothy and Savannah occupied, engaged and out of trouble has become my biggest challenge with home schooling Allie.

We color, read, play games, take walks, but there still seems to be several times a day that they need undivided attention at the same time Allie needs my focused attention. I wish I could say that I never get frustrated and impatient but then I'd have to add lying to the list of sins......

One way I have found to conquer boredom is varying the toy/game selection. Just recently I pulled out the Saxon Math manipulatives I have stored away (mostly because they kept getting dumped and VERY unorganized) and we had some fun practicing sorting for Savannah and math for Timothy.

While Timothy was matching up equal pairs of green and red bears, Savannah was doing a tremendous job of sorting. Just look at her piles of cubes and dominoes in the background.
Here is a short video of Timothy enjoying his "school" as he proudly calls it.
Another way to keep Timothy entertained is pretend. He LOVES loud-boy-fighting-games, against the mean guys of course!
While shopping at Wal-mart, we found these swords clearance priced. When Tim figured out they made real sword noises....well let's just say the discussion wasn't whether we would buy a sword, but if we should get two so Phil could sword fight with him!

Watch (and listen) to Timothy's demonstration.

Stinkin' Cute

I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of this little cutie-pie before church. She was so adorable trying to stick her tiny hands in the pockets of her denim dress.

And the piggy tails and profile .....priceless!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A lousy way to start the day!

Right after waking up one morning and as I was pouring her cup of juice, Savannah began her day with a BANG. One her head that is. She not only fell from the stool she was trying to climb up on, she pulled it on top of her....head! OUCH.

Here she is after I got her settled down on my bed with an ice pack and some Tylenol.

Timothy was giving her lots of loving.

A close-up of her bonk and bruise.

I am happy to report that after turning various shades of blue, purple, green and yellowish, her head is totally fine.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

For Christmas Grandma Jeannine bought tickets to Annie for the girls and I and for Missi and her girls. Unfortunately a snow storm and very low temperatures kept the Sheridan Huberts from being able to attend the musical.

Phil and Timothy came instead as well as a friend from church. We all had a great time at a very funny musical.

Thanks Grandma Jeannine!

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

Many friends joined us for our annual New Year's Eve Party. I think 61 people were the most at one time!! This is a family-friendly event with snacks, games and fellowship.

Early in the evening, before the games began.

SEQUENCE was a hit!

And so was SCUM in the other room.

The men decided to find the most mellow room to have some coffee.

I really don't know what Jim and Phil were up to with this picture. Is he playing guitar or ripping his arm off of him?

And still others found room in the basement to chat and watch kids.

Watching the little ones joyously play the Wii was entertaining.

As the night wore on, Jim and Dean got cozy in the family room. Look close and you'll see that Jim is covered up with a Chicago Bears blanket, while wearing all Green Bay Packer clothing from head to toe. Love it!

The kids getting ready for the stroke of midnight. Yes - all 5 of mine stayed up the entire time!

Poor Jim couldn't get much sleep with Timothy's consistent presence.

This is a picture usually compliments of the Arrowoods, but they were out of town this year. So....Paul and Kim (our new associate pastor from Texas) got the prize for being the last ones at the party. I think Paul was trying to see if there was any Latte' Punch left so he could finish it!!!

Time: 1:15 a.m. Savannah figured as long as she had her pacifier and bunny blanket, any surface would do for a bed!

A Tamale Adventure

Following a church potluck a few months ago, I found the person who made the delicious tamales and asked to be taught. Thankfully, it was Jackie Koslowsky - master tamale maker!

The kids helped snap the ends off the peppers and dump out the seeds. Jackie made sure we all had rubber gloves on.
While the peppers were boiling, I was getting the other ingredients ready.

Mixing the masa! A messy job but someone has to do it.

The finished product -- steamed tamales. Mucho Bueno!!

A first meeting with another Great-Grandma

The kids and I met another Grandma for the first time over Christmas vacation. Grandma Marie is Phil's step-dad's step-mom (did you follow that one?) and she came to Cheyenne form Chicago for a visit. Jeannine and Larry traveled up to Casper for a day so that she could meet the kiddos.

Timothy shows Grandma Marie his cool new book. He was quite impressed with the fact that she lived in the same place as the Chicago Bears.

Here he is just after opening the gift from Grandma Jeannine.

Listen to the ferocious sounds it makes.

The Sheridan Hubert gang also made a Casper pit stop on their way home. Meg and Ella had fun playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Tim and Savannah.

Mr. Jack doesn't know that he is under the approved age limit for Connect 4x4.

Lindsay, Sarah and Allie went clothes shopping with Jeannine. Here they are in some of their new duds.

Lindsay picked out a "Spa Chemistry Set" with some Christmas money. She kept Grandma Marie busy for hours.

Now if I can convince her that I really do not want peanut butter, honey and oatmeal in the basement!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow videos

Listen carefully to what Phil says to Timothy after he accidentally tosses snow in his face.

Now listen to Timothy's perception of what transpired.

More fun.

Perfect amount of snow for snow angels.

The kids took some cheap sleds out the back gate and tried to slide down the hill. They were not successful, but had fun none regardless.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The snow started falling and it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing!

That's more than a few inches on the picnic table!

This job was never ending.

The accumulation on the teeter totter.

Hooray - Savannah agreed to put her boots, snow suit and gloves on and BRAVE the outdoors. She has had a bizarre phobia of the snow for quite some time.

I think she is enjoying herself.

I think Phil took this picture as I was holding up some snow for her to touch.

Sarah making a snow angel.

Brrr...Timothy makes me cold just looking at him.

The whole gang -- ready for some hot chocolate.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Blog

Yes, you read correctly. I have started a new blog.

There were items I have been wanting to add to this blog but after evaluating my options, I have decided to start from scratch. Don't worry. I will continue to maintain my family blog just like I have in the past. This new one will have a flavor all of its own.

No more suspense. Don't delay. Check it out here:

Each Morning Brings a New Year

Enjoy this post from Shepherd Press Blog originally posted by Jay Younts on December 31, 2009


New Year's Day--it is supposed to be a time of new beginnings. It is marked by celebrations, parties, football, and resolutions--and for some, hangovers. Culturally, compared to Christmas, New Year's Day is also less stressful. One does not hear declarations of "Keep Christ in the New Year" bandied about on talk shows. No one speaks of New Year's Day as a religious holiday. However, for most people New Year's Day is a deeply religious holiday. It is the holiday of self-worship. It is a day when people believe that if they make specific resolutions and determine to turn over a new leaf, they can change the things about themselves that they don't like. It is a day on which people believe (or perhaps just hope) that they can change by simply wanting to. But like all other false religions, the worship of self and self-will results in disappointment. In reality, New Year's Day is a day like any other--it is a day to serve God or to serve self.

The directive in Deuteronomy 6 to impress the things of God upon your children applies especially to New Year's Day. Man cannot change for the better apart from God. In fact, man cannot even know what is the good that he must seek without wisdom from God. The message of the gospel is simply this: without Christ I am lost. Without Christ I don't even know what good is. The trouble with attempting change in your own strength is that your own strength can never bring real change. You will still be yourself, merely frustrated by trying to be different than you are.

Thankfully, change is possible, and it starts with the mercy of God. Christians don't have to wait for January 1 to know the mercies of God in a new way. The goal of the Christian is not simply to try harder to be good. No, the goal of the Christian is be like Jesus Christ. And what is most amazing about that goal is that it is not we who make the resolution, it is God himself who has chosen to conform us to the image of Christ! That is why we can have hope when the world knows disappointment. Because of God's faithfulness his mercies are new everyday.

Read again the precious truth of Lamentations 3:21-24:

"Yet this I call to mind
and therefore I have hope:
Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion;
therefore I will wait for him."

Every morning you can wake up knowing that God's mercies are new and fresh; every day you can be thankful that his mercy is not based upon how well you did yesterday. The mercies of God are based upon his covenant faithfulness. So there is hope. We are not consumed by the evil of this world; we are not defeated by our own flesh. Every morning, God's faithfulness is available in great abundance, for he is our portion.

Every morning is a new year, a new opportunity to know the wonderful faithfulness of God found in his word. Talk about this with your children. They need to know that every day is a new day to walk with God and learn of his great compassion. Every day is a new opportunity to know the wonder of the gospel.