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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updated True Woman Post

My original True Woman post had been updated here thanks to Shauna providing some additional photos.

Shauna's post is also available here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in the groove again.........

It's tough, but we are trying to get back in the groove of daily chores and activities. Here are a couple more pictures and videos from this weekend.

Allie playing volleyball with her 5th grade class.

Timothy reading his Javelina book

Something the other girls never did - played with race cars!

Timothy has been singing Jesus Loves Me and ABC Song for awhile, but we hadn't got it on camera. Here he is on the way to church trying to out sing his sisters.

Grammy and Grandpa in charge

While we were out galavanting about, Grammy and Grandpa held down the fort. They stayed busy driving to and from school, volleyball, dance, the library, the mall, making meals, reminding the kids 1000 times to pick up after themselves, etc....

Unfortunately they got sick kids AND bad weather! I think about this time in Chicago we were sailing on Lake Michigan.

Usually when they come here it is gorgeous and Grammy is ready to move back. Timothy and I had started off the string of sickness with strep throat before I left. Next Lindsay followed with a pretty good virus that kept her out of school 3 days including a blood test for mono. Allie continued to suffer through a horrible cough and Savannah started spiking temps right before I left. Sounds like fun, heh? I don't think I would have left except I knew Grammy would take good care of them. What we didn't plan on was that she would stock up on those germs and get sick just in time to drive back to Ohio. I'm thinking Phil and I might not be getting another vacation for some time!

Hard to believe Timothy isn't really asleep.

Grammy enjoys rocking with the two babes!

Lindsay and Savannah all dressed up for church in matching black and white

Savannah loved Sarge a little too much. She thought she was supposed to close her eyes and open her mouth when he came near.

Allie practicing her flute for Grammy

Allie and Sarah checking out their gifts from Tucson - plant your own cactus.

Timothy was so surprised with this Chicago Bears jersey -- just like dad's!!!
We had a great time and are so thankful that Grandpa and Grammy made it possible to get away for a time. Now they're the ones that need a vacation!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The second part of my vacation -- Tucson, Arizona

As Jackie, Brenda, Teresa and Deb headed back to snowy and cold Wyoming, I met up with Phil in Cheyenne, went back to Denver and I walked through DIA for the second time on Sunday. As excited as I was to go to Tucson with my hubby, the thought of getting on another airplane was less than appealing. It was a smaller plane and I am pretty sure I squirmed most of the time! We landed in Tucson at about 6:30 pm. Arizona is one of 2 states that does not practice Daylight Savings Time, so it was already dark when we arrived. Our hotel was on the University of Arizona campus and after checking in, we walked down the road and ate dinner. It was a little brisk, but compared to Wyoming, it was quite comfortable. You'd never know it from the locals -- they were in heavy coats and freezing! I suppose anyone could spot us as tourists a mile away.

We had a very relaxing time yet managed to fit several activities in. While Phil was in class the first day, I drove to nearby Oro Valley where my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue live. Their daughter Cindy (my cousin) and family also live there. We had lunch at a cafe and then toured the community they live. That night we met Cindy, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue at a Mexican restaurant. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday mornings sitting in the sun in front of Starbucks and laying by the hotel pool. I took advantage of the free wireless internet to get caught up on emails, and I especially enjoyed the large chuck of time to work on some of the new Bible studies and read the books I had purchased at the conference.

On Tuesday afternoon Phil's class ended at 2:00 pm. We got some exercise in by walking ~4 miles out of Sabino Canyon. Thankfully the poisonous lizards, rattlesnakes and mountian lions stayed off our path. We finished up the day at Cindy, Mike, Alexandria and Tanner's house for a great steak dinner with all the fixins. Thanks guys!

This area is the greenest due to the water source. Most of Tucson looked like typical desert area.

The beautiful view and sunset from Mike and Cindy's backyard.

By the time Phil and I arrived back in Casper, the snow had all but melted. I thought the timing of Wyoming's first winter storm was perfect.

Cindy gave us a book called Don't call Me a Pig. It's about the Javelina, a smelly, wild, mean pig looking boar like animal. We bought Timothy a stuffed Javelina and he loves correcting us when we say pig. In fact, he remembered its name before Grandpa did. Here is a video of him looking through the book.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

True Woman Conference, Chicago, IL

October 9-12: The True Woman Conference 2008 has ended, but hopefully there are lasting effects for the 6200+ women that attended as well as many who watched it via live streaming webcast. God was exulted, Christ was proclaimed and the Holy Spirit was definitely present throughout the weekend.

This conference was so much more than an event, it was more of a mindset. It was a call to live counter culturally, like salmon that swim upstream. It was a beautiful picture of Biblical womanhood and how God's glory is powerfully displayed by women living out their lives in accordance with God's Word and submitted to His truths!

This affects us in so many ways: In our homes, in our churches, in our marriages and in our friendships. It's loving what God loves and filtering all that we think, say and do through a Biblical worldview. Not a list of "do nots", but an embracing of God's ways, which are always far better and produce lasting joy instead of just temporal "happiness". Sounds impossible but God's grace and power is more than sufficient.

Needless to say, our little group of 6 women were challenged, inspired, motivated and encouraged by so many wonderful speakers and topics. At the end of most of the sessions, we were given 15-20 minutes to personally respond to the messages in prayer. We also stayed late on Friday night with many other women and had a concert of prayer - for our families, our children, our marriages, and our nation.

Everything concerning our travel, weather and accomodations worked out wonderfully. We even managed to sit in the 4th row the first night for John Piper's opening message. Wow!

All of the messages are available at

I now realize I was pathetic at taking pictures. Must be due to the fact that I was so engrossed in everything going on that I forgot about the camera!! As soon as Shauna posts some pictures, I'll include a link to hers. Update: thanks Shauna for posting yours so I could copy them!

This picture was taken as we were getting ready to leave 4:45 am. Yes, those were very large cups of coffee! Deb, Brenda and Teresa look very excited to embark on this adventure.

Here we are in front of the limo that transported us from the airport to the hotel in Schaumburg, IL. Believe it or not, it was cheaper per person than the True Woman Shuttle. Shauna's flight from Maryland landed just before ours and she met us at baggage claim.

This is looking from the convention center toward our hotel. The weather was in the 60's and 70's -- perfect.
Shauna snapped this of Teresa, Deb and I having "quiet" time in the hotel.
NancyLeigh DeMoss introducing the True Woman Manifesto
Brenda, Jodi, Deb, Jackie, Shauna and Teresa pose for one last shot at the end of the conference

Shauna and I sitting outside for lunch on Navy Pier. After this we went on a sailboat ride on Lake Michigan.
Our sailboat geting ready to come back and pick us up for our hour long sail on Lake Michigan
On the boat and ready for some fun and sun!

Taxicabs, Trolleys, Subways, and Trains!! I'm giggling as I write this because of all the memories and things we laughed about during our trip back to the hotel from downtown Chicago. It was no secret from anyone looking in that we were full-fledged tourists. Teresa thought maybe the pink Chicago sweatshirt gave it away?!

By the time we got on the train for our trip back to the hotel, we were giddy and exhausted. As you can see, Brenda and I-- giddy and Deb and Teresa -- exhausted! I think Shauna and Jackie were fairly giddy at this point also after discussing when and if someone ever made an announcement regarding our stops!!

Check out Shauna's blog post for additional photos.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Woman 2008

Several girlfriends and I (and Shauna is meeting us) are off to Chicago for the True Woman Conference. The ride is on its way as I type, so if you want to know more, check out this link!

Then Phil and I head to Tucson for a little getaway (job related for him, vacation for me)

More to come later.

Grammy and Grandpa get here

My parents arrived on Saturday, October 4 for an almost 2 week visit (Phil and I have some trips scheduled, but more on that in another post!). They weren't supposed to arrive until Sunday, but were able to get out of Ohio one day earlier. We didn't tell the kids and here's a video to show their surprise. Poor Timothy was traumatized by Sarge's boisterous arrival.

Grammy with Lindsay, Sarah and Savannah

Grandpa and Timothy hanging out and catching up with one another

Timothy became sick on Saturday night and by Sunday we discovered that he and I both had strep throat! Here he is resting with Grandpa, probably watching Nim's Island for the 12th time.

Sarah and Sarge

Through the Days of Fall............

We have had a very nice and warm beginning to Fall. Here are some videos and pictures of the various things we keep ourselves occupied with.

Timothy LOVES baseball - thanks in part to watching many of Cam and Blake's games this summer. Watch him as he practices with the automated machine.

One of Savannah's favorite outdoor activites. Warning - this video could make you a little dizzy :).

What my living room looks like when I am in the middle of switching clothes from one season to the next!!

Reading is another favorite pasttime of Timothy's

Savannah is enjoying her new toys and toy box recently moved into her room.

Big Savannah smiles

More bike rides.