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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Homeschool Track Meet

So........Allie was the one participating in the track meet but she was way out on the field. There was a special event for non-school aged kids and Tim eagerly signed up.

He stood in this stance for several minutes, never once taking his focus off the man with the whistle!

He was so excited...and pretty fast too.

Sweet Savannah was very proud of her big brother's first place finish.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time for Tulips

Every year I get excited for my tulips to bloom because they brighten up the entire entry way.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Morning Hair

Savannah has got the wildest, most tangled hair when she wakes up. However as you can see, it just makes her that much cuter!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm back....and I've got pictures!

It's been awhile, but I am finally ready to get caught up on some serious blogging. I am hoping that with all the ground to cover, I'll be more selective and choose only the best photos.


It's always fun to be outside in the Spring time sunshine. The "castle" park is a kid favorite.

Blake gets ready to give Tim a real "boy spin".

Savannah and Avry enjoy the slow-moving swing.

Tim and Zain blending into the grass nicely with their coordinating colors.

The Szymczak, Kuhnel and Hubert kids enjoying a picnic.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soaring in Orlando on roller coasters, that is. I just wish my cell phone hadn't soared out of its holder to an unknown destination! All is fixed now and it was a good reminder to the 8th grade girls that a lost cell phone is not the same as a lost limb.

Allie wanted to use her spending money on these fancy braids instead of Disney trinkets.

After a great day at Universal Studios the kids were treated to a Pirate Dinner Show.

Scoring Big in Orlando

The Heritage Music Festival awards were presented at the Wet and Wild water park. All participating singers in this festival enjoyed an afternoon of water rides before the BBQ and awards banquet.

Allie is patiently awaiting the results.

The anticipation grows.

The Casper Children's Chorale scored BIG with the judges. They received top awards and were extended an invite to Carnegie Hall in 2012. Time to start saving!!!

Two of the 8th grade boys accept 1 of the trophies for the group.

Our conductor, Marcia, sits surrounded by awards.

Back at the hotel, the group poses with their awards.

A close-up of my favorite singer in the group.

Sightseeing in Orlando

We satisfied history teachers by spending a morning at Kennedy Space Center. Our group took a guided tour and rode a space shuttle simulator.

A group song in the parking lot as a treat for the great bus drivers.

A Salute to Space sand sculpture

Just like antelope in Wyoming....except way more dangerous.

The launch complex.

The kids were so impressed that I reached down and grabbed this speedy gecko. They were even more impressed when I told them I lived in Guam as a teenager and geckos lived in my house with me.

The Apollo exhibit area.

Allie and MaKenna took time to read this interesting history.

Swimming in Orlando

Want to know a good way to make chaperones want to never volunteer to be responsible for someone else’s child? Take them to an ocean while riptide warnings are all over the news!!

There was no relaxing in the sun for several of us nervous moms as the kids wanted to go farther and farther out. Thankfully, some brave chaperones agreed to wade out into the water and keep an eye on things.

Allie and MaKenna hung out most of the day.

Chaperone foot fun.

How cool is this? A cruise ship departing from the nearby port as the kids splashed in the waves.
The kids had a blast and finished off a busy day with a pizza party at the hotel. End of day 2.

Singing in Florida

Allie’s Children’s Chorale trip this year was to beautiful Orlando to compete in the Heritage Music Festival. I am proud to say that Allie raised almost 90% of the cost of the trip through fundraising and babysitting.

I was able to attend as a chaperone again this year while Phil graciously took some time off work to hang out with the other kiddos. Thanks also to my friend Lizz for watching Tim and Savannah for an entire day so Phil didn’t get too far behind with work.

April 15 started VERY early. I set 3 alarms to make sure I didn’t oversleep the 2:00 a.m. wakeup time. The buses pulled away from the curb in Casper at 3:00 a.m. The rule on the bus: No talking, eating or moving until daylight! I was amazed that 2 buses packed with 102 children and chaperones followed this rule without exception.

The luggage...oh the luggage.

My group of 3 kids did great getting through security.

Olivia and Allie waited patiently and killed the time with a game of card on the floor of DIA.

More waiting.

The warm, humid air in Orlando felt wonderful and while the 1st plane waited for the 2nd plane to arrive, out came the shorts and flip flops.
After arriving at our hotel, we broke off in small groups to eat at nearby restaurants. After an early morning and a long travel day, it didn't take long for the girls to collapse in bed.

We were blessed with a over-sized handicap room. I took advantage of the living area in the suite to have some coffee and devotion time before the busy activities of the first full day on Florida.

The competition was first thing Friday morning. All girls with their freshly ironed shirts and slightly frizzy hair.

Yep---she has officially passed me in the height department.