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Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Summer Fun

Here are some random photos of things we are enjoying this summer:

1. Swimming

2. Eating juicy fruit

3. River Baptisms

Here is a little video of backyard swimming excitement.

Savannah is 8 months old

Our little infant is no longer tiny. She weighs approximately 16 pounds now and her cheeks have filled out like the rest of the Hubert babies. She loves to sit and play with her toys, babble, and be cuddled with. She continues to be very contented and easily amused (and angered) by her brother.

Before the bite of cold green beans.....

And after.

The bruise on her head is a result of knocking heads with her brother.

She's standing at the couch, but apparently not thrilled about it.

Watch and listen our little girlie enjoying her toys.

Phil's 20th Reunion

Two weeks after returning from Jodi's reunion in Powell, we headed to Laramie for Phil's. His class size was about 350. We attended a casual mixer at a downtown restaurant on Friday night and Phil rode in the parade with his class on Saturday. The kids and I watched with Grandpa Wayne. On Saturday night we had a dinner and dance at the new Hilton Garden Convention Center. Phil was voted most changed and we won the award for most kids!! On Sunday, there was a picnic for families at the park. We had a great time and came home exhausted!

Grandpa and 5 of his 10 grandchildren (soon to be 11).

Not a great picture but ya get the idea....

I was trying to snap a quick picture as the photographer was getting set up. Phil didn't want to pay the extra $20 for the "real thing".

Here's the most changed guy with the most children!!

Basketball Camp

Our church held a 3 day Hoops for Hope Bball camp. The kids learned some basic skills, played games and had devotions each morning. Timothy liked to stay as long as possible and was especially thrilled that Jordan could help him reach the rim! He was willing to include Savannah in the game as well.

Parade Day

July 8, 2008 - Parade Day in Casper. This is quite the event and streets are full of young and old alike. The young looking for candy, the old looking for shade! Our entire family plus one extra, Maddy, found a great place near the beginning of the route. The kids definitely got their fill of candy and enjoyed all 150+ entries in the parade. Then the older girls and I went to the pool with some friends, then to the new American Girl movie. It was a great, fun-filled day.

Savannah enjoyed her apples and cereal as we waiting for the parade to begin.

This was Timothy's favorite entry.

Timothy was bee-boppin' to the music, but was much more interested in eating his Nerds than the parade.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally - A family bike ride!!

We made it a point on Saturday to get all of the bikes tuned up and ready for riding. Phil spent several hours pumping up tires, adjusting seats and handlebars and oiling squeaky brakes. He even tuned up his and my bike AND attached a toddler trailer to his bike so that Savannah and Timothy could join in the fun. We didn't ride far the first night, but we anticipate many more family bike outings these beautiful summer evenings. By the way, are my thighs supposed to burn this bad??? Ahh, these must be some of THOSE muscles that haven't been used in awhile :).

Bath time fun

After all the dirt and lake water at Pathfinder, we are still trying to get clean. Here is evidence that Timothy really tries to help me out with Savannah:

Doesn't he rinse her shampoo out really well?

Picking my battles...........

Some things I put down my foot on, others I figure really don't matter that much to make a fuss over. For example, the other day at lunch I gave Timothy two choices for a sandwich: PB & J or ham and cheese. He picked...............

Peanut Butter and cheese. Yep - and he ate every bite as I tried to suppress my gag reflex. Even with the girls screaming, "Yuk, gross, sick", it didn't phase Timothy a bit!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We went out to Pathfinder Dam and spent the day with some friends from church. Enjoy lots of pictures from our exciting day!

Sweet Savannah sporting a stylish, festive outfit thanks to Madison's cute hand-me-downs!

Timothy and I checking out the waters.

Yes...Since Carey and Deb went tubing, I felt obligated. Thankfully Jim did not manage to dump me off. What a blast!!! Here's a picture AND a video to prove I did it.

Timothy like tubing until the boat started moving and water splashed his face. He was much happier driving the boat with Jim laughing at his sisters as they rode the waves.

For as many people that were camping over the weekend, it still felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. Here is Allie, Sarah and Lindsay enjoying the water.

Savannah did amazingly well on the trip. While the gals and kids sat on the beach while the guys were spearing fish, she laid down in the back of the Yukon and took a little nap.

Timothy took the shortcut --- thru the tall prickly grass.

Timothy and Deb hanging in their new jeep. He tried talking her into him driving, but she would only consent to a short jaunt with him as a passenger. Smart gal!

Check out these sporty chics with their sporty new haircuts. Regardless of what Mike and Jim think, Carey and Deb have definitely got the cute summer look!

Allie's checking to see if Dad is ever going to get back from boating so the rest of us can have a turn.

Nolan, Maddy and Allie doing some artwork in the sand.

As we drove the back way from Pathfinder to Alcova, we were astonished at the beautiful scenery.

We finished off the evening with fireworks and climbed into bed tanned and exhausted at the end of a long, hot, fun day