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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Savannah

Savannah Grace - a year ago (roughly)

Our little precious toddler today

Simply baby is 1 today. We spent some of last night in the same way we spent it a year ago. Not sleeping well with extra weight in my abdomen area :). The only difference was that Savannah was curled up on the outside of my stomach (and she is about 14 pounds heavier).

She finally cut 3 teeth this week and her nose was running so bad last night, she kept waking up unable to breathe well. So at 1am and 2 am and 3am AND 4am, I got up, tried to suction her nose, then hold her and rock her until she calmed back down.

Whew - after all that wishing that my baby wasn't turning 1, I am definitely glad I am past that no-sleep-newborn-phase!

Here is a little video of Timothy singing Happy Birthday to Savannah first thing this morning.

Savannah opening a present from Grammy and Grandpa

It's a hit!

We celebrated with a gourmet lunch of hotdogs, french fries and macaroni and cheese for lunch. Savannah used her new Dora bowl and plate from the Pier family.

Savannah spotted her balloons halfway through eating her lunch.

When the fork doesn't work -- just lick the bowl clean

Yum, yum birthday cake. Savannah was very timid at first then got the hang of it. I was freaking out trying to take this video because I thought she was going to burn her finger.

Pretty in pink...frosting, that is.

After a bath and some new clothes, Savannah was ready to ride her horse again.

We keep waiting to see if a new baby cousin arrives on Savannah's birthday. Right now Missi's tummy looks like a pumpkin.
We have Savannah's well-baby checkup on Monday, so I'll update this post with her most recent measurements.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun days of Fall

Happy Birthday, Daddy! He got his favorite dessert - homemade cherry pie.

Like father, like son.... Timothy crawled up on the couch while Phil was reading and decided to do the same. Notice the crossed leg :).

The kids had fun playing and jumping in the leaves in the backyard.

Savannah was not as thrilled as the others.

A video of Sarah and Lindsay jumping into the pile of leaves

One of Savannah's favorite finger food - black beans.

Soft pink fur lined coat - precious!

This is what happens when both kids get done with their bath at the same time and are let loose in the living room. Savannah thought it was a riot to crawl as quickly as she could AWAY from her diaper and jammies!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin and a Song

Allie's first fundraiser with Children's Chorale involved delivering pumpkins and a song or two to friends and family. Our group sold 42 pumpkins and I picked up 1/2 of them so that they could be cleaned off before the big singing day. We have had beautiful October weather and we washed them all in our front yard.

We started at 9:45 am at a local nursing home and finished all 42 deliveries by about 6:00 pm. Whew! Here are some pictures of the singers performing on front porches.

This is a video of the entire group performing at the nursing home before they went out in small groups.

And a short video at Allie's friend Lauren's home.