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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heroes in the Hallways and School Projects

The All-School Hero Day was held on May 28. Students arrived to school in the hero attire and began the day with a parade throughout the school. Then they had a special visit from Martin Luther King Jr. in the gym followed by individual presentations in various classrooms.

Timothy, Savannah and I stayed long enough for the parade. We enjoyed so many different costumes on so many heroes!

Sarah's teacher, Mrs. Rapp, leads her class through the hallway. Any guesses on who she is?

Jessi and Lindsay are both Rosa Parks - Aren't they adorable?

Timothy especially liked Joel's baseball hat.

Sarah was Joni Eareckson Tada and enjoyed being wheeled around for the parade.

Blake and his friend give a smile for the camera. They are dressed up as sports stars -- what else?!!

Allie and her friend Maddie stop for the paparazzi. Allie was Marian Anderson, an African American opera singer famous for being the first African American to sing at the Lincoln Monument. Allie even sang the Star Spangled Banner as part of her presentation.

Allie's teacher, Mrs. Elliott, dressed in fatigues as a support to the men and women serving in the war. I think that is Albert Einstein behind her.

Here is Lindsay delivering her report in a VERY quiet voice. Now if only we could get her to speak in the same voice at home!

For her project she made a place mat in the shape of a bus. On one side it shows Rosa Parks having to sit at the back of the bus and on the other side, after her protest, she is in the front.

During Lindsay's presentation, Timothy kept busy by playing with the plastic letters.

Great job spelling your name, buddy!

Allie's student of the week presentation - she is holding up her very worn and loved blanket.

Some parade videos:

Craft time with Grammy

My mom was here on Mother's Day and one of the things I bought her was a photo stepping stone kit. The day before they left, the kiddos, Grammy and I got all the pictures ready, all the stickers and stones organized, and the camera close by.

Before pouring the mix in, we mapped out the best design.

Stirring up the cement mix was not as easy as Timothy thought.

Sarah gives it a try.

Each flower was one of Grammy and Grandpa's grandkids.

The finished product. In order from age: Allie 11, Sarah 9, Lindsay 7, Madison 3, Timothy 3, Carson 2, Savannah 1, Jason 1.

We put it in a sturdy box in a very safe location in the garage. Unfortunately it's still in the same secure, out of sight place because Grammy and Grandpa forgot to load it up. I thought about shipping it to them....yeah - not a good idea!

It will be here waiting for them on their next trip out here.

D Q Baby!

One of our favorite places for dessert is Dairy Queen - for several reasons.

Number 1 - it has ice cream, lots of it; Number 2 - we can walk there; and Number 3 - "Uncle" Jim owns it. Timothy thinks it is beyond cool that Dairy Queen belongs to Jim!!

Savannah got her very own cone. Everything went well until she started eating it from the middle of the cone.....

Timothy wanted a blue smoothie. Apparently this is Blue Raspberry Icee mixed with soft serve vanilla. The last picture sums up his opinion of it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Track Day

Fort Caspar Academy held its annual Track Day on May 12. In past years, we've had sunshine, wind, rain, wind, snow, get the idea. This year we were blessed with mostly warm weather even if we did have to anchor down the chairs. The gusts never exceeded 60 mph, we think, and the kids seemed to have a good time in spite of the rushing winds.

Cassie and Sarah are warmed up and ready for their field events.

For the long race option, Allie picked the 800. That's 2 laps around the track -- 1/2 mile!! Here she is after finishing one and starting her second lap.

Special thanks to Brenda and Teresa (aka the lovelies) for manning the finish line all day.

Allie is quite glad to be done with that race!

Allie chose the high jump as her field event.

Lindsay's ultra cheesy grin.

Jump, Lindsay, jump!

The softball throw.

Timothy had fun hanging out with Logan . They munched on snacks as they watched their older siblings run fast.

Lindsay's race.

Sarah's race.

Allie's hurdle event.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite.

Timothy recently joined an AWANA club meeting to learn what it will be like to be a Cubbie next year. To his delight, AWANA store was that night, and he bought his very own kite. A Spiderman one. So the first windy day, he was begging to get it out.

As soon as it floated up into the air, he exclaimed with a huge grin, "I am SO excited!

Watch him fly it ALL BY HIMSELF.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh my goodness, Grammy takes a lot of pictures!!

So.............if a picture is worth a 1000 words, here's a 23,000+ word post for you. This may be the longest post ever, so I'll keep the captions brief.

Savannah's new favorite snack - pretzel sticks.

Timothy shows Grammy his clean room.

A beautiful day.

Handsome boys and pretty Savannah

Don't leave Grammy out.

Savannah has hijacked Timothy's tricycle.

So Tim hijacked Sarah's scooter.

Umm, good, kisses from Sarge

Sweet Sarah and Savannah.....


Hmm, not sure what Savannah is trying to convey to Grandpa - Not sure Grandpa knows either!

Yep - Timothy made Grammy do all 6 different puzzles on these blocks.

Apparently Timothy bonked his head while in Grandpa's care. I need to tell Grandpa where the small band aids are! Ha ha

Ready for a roller coaster ride?

...or an ice cream sandwich?

...or reading a book with Grandpa?

Now that's my boy!! (You should here him try to say Caramel Macchiato)

Sarah's best friend.

New swimsuits - thanks Grammy!

Lindsay likes to read to Savannah also.

No shortage of story tellers here.

You put that bow back in your hair, little Missy.

Sarah showing off her new summer haircut.