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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Glimpses of Spring

Here are the kiddos right before church. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment to get all 5 in one picture AND looking toward the camera.

And here is one of our handsome little man all decked out in a sweater vest and "shoes like Daddy's".

Savannah is 5 months old

On April 15, Savannah turned 5 months old. She is trying to roll over on her stomach and is jabbering anytime the pacifier is not in her mouth. She is starting to grab objects and hold on to them and keep her attention focused on toys for longer periods. She loves being talked to and especially likes being held. Timothy annoys her to no end and as soon as she is able, I have a feeling she's going to let him have it! Her weight has come up a little since her 4 month appointment, and she is now hovering in the 12 - 12.5 lbs. range. My nephew, Jason, is 2 months younger than her and outweighs her by almost 2 pounds!! Here are some recent pictures.

Hey California!

Ready for church

Her first time in the super saucer. She's not quite big enough, but mom was wanting to sit out in the sun and have her close by on the deck.

5 months old!

ABC Puzzle

Timothy has loved putting puzzles together for quite some time. He found this ABC puzzle in the basement and will dump it and put it together time and time again. He's memorized the objects under the letters and if I say the name, it only takes him a few seconds to scan the puzzle and located the correct letter. Since he's interested in the letters, I figured it wouldn't hurt to tell him what they are. Right now he likes to say "i" and "y", but will repeat most of the letters when prompted. He thinks he is especially clever when he has the "m" and pretends to put it in the "w" spot, and then he looks up at me with a smirk and says, "Nooooooo". What a funny guy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Video of Lindsay Reading

Lindsay loves to read, and she is getting better and better every day. Listen to her read part of the story about the poor, rich man in her children's Bible.

Sanpshots of Life

Here are just a few pictures of glimpses of life in our home. I tried to be "fair" and give everyone at least one photo opportunity.

We all like books - even Savannah.

Speaking of books, this was Allie's costume for her last book report book, The Egypt Game. She did so well on her presentation and brochure that the 4th grade teachers asked if they could use her brochure as an example for next year's class! Good job, Allie.

Phil's routine on Sunday morning is to ask me what Timothy is wearing and then he tries to coordinate. Both are so handsome, don't ya think??

My friend Denise bought this outfit right after Savannah was born and I have been dying for her to fit into it. It's still a little big, but looked so adorable on her last Sunday. Thanks, Denise!

Lindsay and I love to bake cookies. These were for her student of the week presentation.