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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cooling off at Ayers Natural Bridge

This summer has gone on and on. It never got blistering hot, but rather it has stayed warm a lot longer than usual. Toward the end of September, we took a trip to Ayers Natural Bridge for a picnic. The kids had fun eating, playing and wading through the river.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mother-Daughter Date with Sarah

Sarah and I took advantage of an overnight getaway -- just the two of us. We played putt-putt golf, had a great dinner at Olive Garden and stayed overnight at a local hotel. We talked and laughed until late that night.

Because Sarah is generally so easy going and self-motivated, I don't always have as much in- depth interactions with her (aka she doesn't have as many discipline discussions as un-named other children.) It was a special treat for me to spend quality, relaxing one-on-one time with my 2nd daughter!

Unfortunately I forgot my regular camera and only had my cell phone, which doesn't take the highest quality pictures. The hot tub was right outside our hotel room door.

Thanks, Sarah, for a great overnight girl's trip!!