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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Workouts with Sarah

So far there is no need to enroll Tim or Savannah in gymnastic or dance classes. Sarah saves me $$ by hosting classes at home....For Fffrrreeeeee (think Bedtime Stories).

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ProudMom said...

Way to go, Sarah! Can I join the exercise class?? :) Had a few minutes to check out your blog some your family pictures! :) You've inspired me to fine tune my blog a bit....and I think I might stick with Blogger. Anyway....I think the link should be attached to this. Also, I updated the blogs I follow on my sidebar, and Carrie's is there. Maybe we'll see you soon! Would you and your kiddos be up for a pool date out in Vista West this week? My parents are out of town...and it's supposed to be HOT!