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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homeschool Track Day

I am so thankful for the large homeschool community we enjoy in Casper. This was our second year to participate in the Homeschool Track Day. The kids were all able to participate in track and field events. Phil helped with the 5 year old group while I enjoyed the time to wander around taking pictures and visiting with friends from around the state.

I think this is the warm up time.

Yes, Savannah is wearing gloves at the end of May. That's Wyoming weather. Because of the overcast day, we didn't bother with sunscreen....BIG mistake. Everyone got a nice shade of pink. It was funny to go into church the next day and see some more pink faces!!

Tim had a BLAST!

Sarah had a great time also. She has not met a lot of homeschooled girls her age, so being in a group of several girls her own age was special for her.

The obstacle course.

We look forward to track day so we can hang out with the Schmidt Family from Laramie. Here they are - Todd and Nancy and the Nifty Nine. Allie and Bethany have been pen pals all year. A special treat was that my parents were in town for the get together as well.

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